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The Sociology of What Kids Wear: How Clothes Affect Kids’ Emotions And Attitudes

The power clothes have over us is undeniable. They can help transform us into anything and help us show off what we view as our "best" features, so it’s safe to say they affect how many people feel and our attitudes. When you wake up and get dressed, you want to look your "best" because it helps you feel good, empowered, and beautiful. You are more confident and ready to face the world. However, when you feel that you are not looking your best, you are more self-conscious, awkward, and less energetic. 

The same applies to your little ones. Some are easily annoyed by snug fitting clothes and will often fuss until they get them off. Others love wearing form-fitting clothes or costumes because they like how they look and make them feel.

Here are a few more reasons why clothes matter.

Why Clothes Matter

1. They Color How We See Ourselves

Clothes are more than just pieces of cloth; they are an extension of who we are and can affect how we see ourselves. Think about how vulnerable you feel in a hospital gown versus how powerful and confident you feel while in a great dress. What you wear influences your posture, mood, motivation, and body language. The right outfit, say a heavy metal shirt from Metallica can make you feel tough or strong, or a Beatles / John Lennon shirt can reflect your mood and calm. Just like how music can transform your emotions, so to can what you or your child wear. Many athletes will listen to energetic music, such as Heavy Metal or Rock and Roll to trigger focus, and confidence before a big event.

What you wear impacts how other people see you, and they can make snap judgments about you based on what you wear and how you look. The same applies to your little ones; what they wear will affect how they see themselves and how others see them. For instance, if they wear their favorite music band clothing, it may effect how they feel and therefore how they interact with the world. Many of our shirts and onesies are designed around popular bands or music concepts that excite kids and infants.

2. Clothes Can Turn A Bad Day Around.

Putting on high-quality clothing has been shown to help boost your mood, promote abstract thinking and provide perspective. This can be very important when your child is having a bad day. When they feel confident, they are less self-conscious and engage the world with more purpose, drive and effectiveness. With the right outfit, they feel stronger, and this can come in handy on a bad day. It has been found that even loud heavy music like hard rock and heavy metal can actually improve the mood of the listener. We think this is one explanation for the surge in interest in heavy metal music onesies and shirts, and baby rocker clothes in general.

3. Clothes Are A Tool For Self-Expression.

How your child chooses to dress is one of the many ways they express themselves. Some kids love wearing superhero costumes or hero-inspired clothing, while others want to be like their favorite artists. Youth culture revolves heavily around contemporary and classical art, such as rock music and other sub-genres including punk rock, heavy metal and indie rock. Rock music bands such as The Beatles, AC/DC, Nirvana, Kid Rock, Metallica are iconic in their respective rock music categories. It is not surprising to see kids and children wearing their favorite rock music band shirts to school. Similarly, parents who are having babies choose to dress their infants in onesie rompers and shirts that reflect the parents' connection to the cultural aspects of music. It creates a contrast dynamic where there are cute babies, doing cute baby things dressed in adult themed band shirts or heavy metal onesies

What Colors Are Ideal For Kids?

Colors are an important component when it comes to clothing. They are what salt is to food. Colors have the power to dramatically affect your child’s mood, emotions, and feelings. Color is a powerful communication tool and can be used to signal action and influence psychological reactions. There’s a reason why kids’ clothing is often times so vibrant. The colors are made to capture their attention and keep them engaged.

Color plays a crucial role in converting certain messages, creating a specific mood, and even influencing your little ones’ decisions. That’s why it’s important to know what colors make them lively and calm or what they wear when sad or angry. Warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow evoke various feelings, everything from warmth to comfort, urgency and anger. Cool colors like blue, green, and purple can induce calmness but also convey sadness.

If your little one is anxious about a test they have, possibly changing what they are wearing may help calm their anxiety. Similarly, you can let them rock their favorite blue Metallica or Metalhead band shirt for that extra confidence boost. Having someone, they admire close can also help them feel more confident. Red is a great color to wear when your little one wants to stand out. For instance, during a talent show or spelling bee. The bold, vibrant colors can give them a huge confidence boost and therefore improve their performance. 

When children choose what color clothes to wear, they are often expressing how they feel. If they choose to wear black shirts, they could be trying to make a particular emotional or social statement. When they are feeling low, they might opt to wear colorful clothes to lift their moods or hide by wearing black. Take emo grunge fashion, for instance; black is the main theme color and is used to express their sadness, despair, and angst. If your little one wears black a lot, they might be channeling the same feelings. 

That said, this influence doesn’t flow one way. Children will wear what they want regardless of what color it is if they are choosing band shirts and clothes to fit into a particular social group. With all this in mind, it’s important to put in a bit more thought when selecting your kid’s clothes and baby onesies. Let them have a say in what to get, and don’t force them to wear something they are not confident in. They should wear what makes them feel good, even if it’s a different color or style band shirt from what you envisioned. Since your little one is still figuring out how they fit into the world, you can expect to experience a few meltdowns as they choose what to wear. For sure, the older you child gets the more that clothing and shirts are about fitting in rather than a literal reflection of the shirt concepts and expression.

Clothes play an important role in the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of your child. What they wear can affect their mood, emotions, and actions. They play a vital role in their everyday experiences and help express your child’s personality, individuality, and culture. While it may not be a distinguishing factor in determining your kid’s overall personality, clothing can directly influence how they turn out. It fosters self-discovery and can help them learn about their identity and how to express themselves in a safe, natural way. 

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