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8 Ideas For Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

Kids are some of the most complex people to buy Halloween costumes for. They’re growing fast, and you want them to have something that they can wear again next year. You also don’t want it to be another princess or superhero costume because they already have so many of those! Here are some fun and original Halloween costume ideas that your kids will love!


1) Dress up your baby, toddler or kid as a favorite actor or musician


2) Make an awesome costume by dressing up as someone they love in real life


3) Dress up like a heavy metal, rock n roll or punk rock rock star, check out our baby onesies for ideas


4) Reuse last year’s superhero outfit


5) Dress up using Halloween theme shirts or onesies


6) Go classic with a witch, ghost, mummy, etc.


7) Have them be an adult this time!

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